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Founded in March 2012 by two Saint Louis University medical students and a University of Chicago certified editor, Edityour L.L.C. is a company with a simple mission: We help students improve their application essays and personal statements without breaking the bank. Writing about yourself is notoriously difficult. Whether you are working on an application for medical school, dental school, residency, or any other program, at some point the personal statement or admission essay is a necessity. That’s where we come in. We offer professional editing services at a great price as well as tons of free writing advice in our blog. So whether you are looking for a professional eye to refine your personal statement or just trying to reverse your writer’s block, you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Serve

Our services will help applicants of any program by making your personal statement shine. However, the majority of our customers fall in the medical professions.







Meet Our Team

We're excited to get to know you through you personal statement. It's only fair that you get to know us.


Ben Frederick MD


I know how difficult it can be to write a fantastic personal statement. As a new physician and long time student, I’ve had to do it many times. In conversations with my medical school classmates, the most frequently overheard comment was “I have most of my residency application done, but I can’t finish up my personal statement.”

I was lucky enough to know a freelance editor who helped me develop my personal statement and I turned it into the highlight of my application! I want to make that experience easily available to everyone by putting your writing into the hands of a skilled editor at a great price.


Peter Anaradian MD


Writing was never my strength. When I decided to become a physician, I knew I could tackle the demanding course work, but I also knew I needed help with my personal statement in order to get into medical school. I was fortunate to have a friend who was the editor of a local newspaper and helped me develop my personal statement. It turned into the highlight of my application!

Unfortunately, many students don’t have such a connection. My hope is that I can help other students experience what I felt when a seasoned writer showed me the way – a huge sigh of relief. I want to make that experience easily available to everyone by putting their writing into the hands of a skilled editor at a great price.

Samantha Dever

Founding Editor

As a certified editor, working with words is not just my career, it’s my all-consuming passion. While working as a writing consultant at Truman State University’s writing center, I helped countless students struggling with their personal statements, so I know how stressful and difficult it can be to write about yourself.


Emily Rancer

Managing Editor

It wasn’t until my own essay got me into my top choice business school that I realized just how powerful words can be. As a former newspaper editor, I’ve gotten the chance to write and edit thousands of articles and essays. Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of applicants get into their dream schools and achieve their career goals through great personal statements.


Layla Weide


I received my B.A. in Writing and during my coursework, I realized the benefits of having another person review my writing and provide feedback. In turn, I now use my expertise and artistry to ensure edityour.net clients are fulfilling their potential with their own written works. A self-proclaimed “word nerd,” I appreciate the process of editing to see a piece evolve.

Jess Larson

Jess Larson


After six years of working in higher education and around college admissions counselors, I deeply understand how important a well-written essay is. A well-written essay can truly mean the difference between college acceptance or denial. As a marketing professional and copywriter, it has become my life’s work to craft pieces that get to the heart of an issue, inspire change and stir the reader into action. As an editor with edityour.net, it is important to me that our clients feel supported and well equipped on their journey toward their professional dream lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lend my expertise in order to help people achieve their higher education goals.


Corinne Feinberg


I've always had a proclivity for revising; in fact, it was my favorite part of writing throughout high school. It was a skill that I later honed while achieving my communications degree and writing reviews for online music blogs after college. Though the days of red-penned edits on printed paper may be a thing of the past, I cherish the opportunity to provide online feedback for those seeking standout essays in their pursuit of higher education.