Bad Personal Statement Example: Undergraduate - University of Georgia

by Ben Frederick MD

on September 1, 2013

Undergraduate - Special Education
University of Georgia
516 words

Every now and then you come across an example of what not to do.  This personal statement could certainly have benefited from our editing services.

I want to make my personal statement for enrollment in your college program for Special Education something different. I think the best way to do this is very clear. It does pay to be open and honest at all times. Especially being honest and open with you on all fronts too. Why do I want to be a student in your individual teaching program of education a whole lot? Well, I'm going to give you the best answer I can, which does come straight from my heart and soul. I love to teach, and I learned this at a very early age. At the young age of only five, I was playing teacher in my bedroom, and my dolls and stuffed toys were my only students. Also, when Grammy Emma would visit, she would also lovingly be one of my students too. Everyone in the family knew then that I would be a teacher someday. This is why I am now applying for educational instruction in your special education program.


I have just always loved to learn. Going to school for me was a real adventure. Every discovery, I did make via training, was something that I added to my own personal collection of learning as I grew up from child to adult. I think the desire to teach was something that started very early on, when I was in kindergarten. It began the moment, I learned how to interact with other kids of my age, and then developed a real love for wanting to learn. School proved to be a very fun place for me in every way. I just loved being in the classroom. I was very unlike other children, some of whom didn't like school, all that much. It seems that I was born to be in a classroom, don't ask me why. Maybe all of these things were a clear indication that I was meant to be a teacher someday.


Why do I want to teach special students the most? Well, the answer is very clear on this, and it is because special students need that little special touch when it comes to learning. I have the patience, the willingness, as well as a great love to want to teach these very exceptional students. This is because they do need the most caring of all instruction possible, and I can do that kind of teaching the best because it will be coming from my heart. Exceptional students are indeed outstanding in every way. They need all of understanding, as well as the most caring of all instruction, which a dedicated and devoted teacher can give them. I want to be that very special teacher, to these so very needing students, in all the ways that count the most.


Teaching special children requires a different kind of instructor. I think that I can be that very kind of teacher if given the chance. So, please do consider what I have said here, and do approve my application for continued learning in your unique program of study for those who desire to be teachers.

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