Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of critique and comments should I expect?

In addition to editing for grammar, punctuation, syntax and spelling, our editors will leave you a number of comments with ways you can further strengthen your essay. Our goal is to get you into the program of your choice, so if we feel there’s still work you can do to improve the content, we’ll leave you some feedback about it to guide you during revisions.

When you say the essay will be ready in 48 or 72 hours, does that include weekends?

YES! We are a 24-7 service. So if you submit an essay with Express Editing on Friday at 1 pm, you can expect it by Sunday at 1 pm. If you submit the same essay with Standard Editing on Friday at 1 pm, you can expect it back by Monday at 1 pm.

Are consistency and clarity really that important?

YES. Have you ever been on a train or bus and the driver mumbles the next stop over the PA system? You usually tune it out and wonder why they can’t get a better system, right? A personal statement is no different. Admissions readers only have a few minutes to read your essay, and if it is full of complex sentences that don’t quite tie together, they might tune you out and move onto the next applicant. Our job is to get your experiences and concepts across as clearly and concisely as possible, so you get your fare share of time with that admissions team.

I know about grammar and punctuation, but what's syntax? And why do I care?

Syntax is the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences. It is incredibly important when crafting a top-notch essay! Having sentences that vary in structure and that flow well together allows you to tell a story rather than rattling off bullet points about your life. It also makes it easier for the admissions readers to follow the points about yourself that you’re trying to get across.

Isn't it dishonest to have a professional editor help me?

Nope. You wrote the essay, we just make a few tweaks and comments to help you strengthen it from an aesthetic standpoint. We never write anyone’s essay. Your edited essay will be in your words, just perhaps rearranged a little so that it flows better and expresses correct grammar!

Couldn't my friend, mother, or sister just edit my personal statement?

They could…but it may not improve your chances of getting into your top choice program. Personal statements are a whole different beast compared to most writing assignments you’ve ever had. These essays are a delicate balance of story-telling and building your platform of accomplishments, goals and objectives. It’s not just about having good grammar and punctuation — it’s also about solid content and the right tone. Our editors have had extensive experience in helping applicants make sure both sides are buttoned up tight.

How do editors note their changes and comments in my Word document?

We use the Track Changes and Comments features in Microsoft Word. That gives you, the applicant, the ability to see every change we make, highlighted and detailed. You can go through our edits one by one and accept or reject them. We will also leave you comments, which appear on the side panel as well. You can simply delete the comments after you’ve read and addressed them, and they won’t show up anymore.

What if I want to remove all the comments and edits?

First, click on the “Review” tab in Microsoft Word. From there, you can turn “OFF” Track Changes. You’ll then need to go through your edited document and accept or reject the changes we’ve made. If you really like our changes, you can opt to “Accept all changes” by clicking the button in the Review tab. For comments, simply go through the document and click the “X” in the comment bubbles one by one to delete them.

Can I resubmit my essay after I make changes from the first submission?

YES. Especially if your first draft came back with a number of edits, we encourage you to submit a second draft so we can fine-tune your essay even further.

Will I get the same editor if I resubmit my essay?

We try to make sure you get the same editor every time you submit, for consistency’s sake. However, if you really want a different set of eyes, just make sure to note that in the comments section when you submit, and a different editor will happily check it out.

English isn't my first language. Can you still help me?

YES. We help a number of applicants from countries around the world where English is not their first language. Whether it’s India, China, Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, our editors can help. We’ll not only make sure you have proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but we’ll also give you tips on ways to improve the overall flow and structure of your essay. Some aspects about applying to programs in North America are culturally different than other countries, so we can help with those nuances as well.

How do you improve the flow and structure of my essay?

Our editors look at a variety of factors within your essay to improve the flow and structure. Often, it involves improving your transitional sentences, either between paragraphs or between major concepts. We can also improve flow by helping you craft your experiences into more of a narrative rather than a pure chronology. As for the tone, we want you to sound like, well, you. We always make sure your personality shines front and center in your personal statement, and we can help you make sure it stays that way consistently throughout your essay.