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How to Write a Personal Statement: The Ultimate Guide


DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK: Comprehensive 63 page guide to writing a personal statement for college, graduate school, and beyond. Yes, even medical school and residency!
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So, you want to go to apply for a college program or graduate school, but you didn’t expect there would be writing…well, think again. Along with hours and hours of rotations to complete, volumes of books to read, and oodles of procedures to master, there will also be writing.  The first document you will produce will be the personal statement. You will write for a decorated, prestigious audience, with years of experience and education on their curriculum vitae. As a matter of fact, some of them may be professional writers and published researchers who are crafty with this daunting skill.

The personal statement is a critical sample of your individual writing ability. Additionally, it is your opportunity for introduction to the admissions committee members. With hundreds of candidates applying for college programs, this is a chance to distinguish you from the crowd. It will not be easy, mind you. However, with this eBook as a guide, you can view essay writing as a minor challenge. If you have come this far, you probably have a few tools under your belt, including suitable undergraduate grades, solid scores on the ACT, SAT or GRE, and some work experience.

My name is Ben Frederick, M.D. In the process of becoming a physician, I have written many personal statements. I did my research and collected data on the process. Like many science-based scholars, I approached this in a scientific manner. For you, I compiled my findings into this handy eBook, and if you read carefully and adhere to my advice, you will produce an engaging and entertaining personal statement that will (along with your other qualifications) get you in to the college program of your choice.