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  • Personal Statement Brainstorming Packet - ebook

Personal Statement Brainstorming Packet - ebook


It can be difficult to choose a topic for your personal statement. We put together this brainstorm packet to help you get a kick start on your personal statement.
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The first step in the application process can be daunting. You’re great — all your friends and family know you’re great — but how do you communicate that to someone who has never met you? Oh and by the way, you have to convey it to a stranger who will likely take no more than 10 minutes to read it. That would make anyone’s head spin!

The best place to start is with a few brainstorming exercises. This allows your mind to open up and the ideas to come bursting out. After all possible topics are out, it’s easier to then narrow them down to the one that makes the most sense for your personal statement or essay. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd of statistics and numbers. This
is your chance for them to see you: your values, your personality, and what in your life shaped your decision to apply to this school.