Short Statement of Purpose Example - Undergraduate - Environmental Sciences

by Ben Frederick MD

on August 17, 2013

Undergraduate - Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
178 words

Sometimes you may be asked to write a short statement of purpose in your undergraduate application. Get your point across quickly.  You don't have a lot of time to beat around the bush. It's important to follow the guidelines on length and content that will be provided in the application.

Whether the concept of global warming warming is true or a hoax is something that many people can debate about. However, the effects that can be attributed to it are visible. The massive drought that people in African are suffering, endless floods in the Far East as well as the fatal heat strokes that People in the sub continent of India are experiencing are all effects of Global warming.
These amongst other things have disturbed me for a long time, and if this is to continue, i might be a victim of it one of these days. The looming calamity is man-made and it requires human intervention. The focus of the global leaders is not set on the right things as most of them are busy fighting wars ignoring the looming Armageddon.
Therefore, i have taken this as my personal responsibility to ensure that the world will become as pure as it was many years ago. This can only be achieved by gaining the relevant knowledge to put the menace to an end. That knowledge is Environmental science.

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